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Spiritual Growth & Healing Services

Helping to heal the world, one person at a time.


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A few of our services.

Helping to heal the world, one person at a time. Spiritual Growth & Personal Development Services Virtual Connections Available

Tarot / Oracle Card Readings

Tarot is a divination tool used to assist and guide us in our …

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Reiki Distance Healing

Reiki is a healing technique where a healer can channel …

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Akashic Record Readings

Akashic Record Readings, also known as Past Life Regressions, can …

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1 on 1 Connections

A 1 to 1 Connection includes 50 minutes of focused communication ….

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Dream Analysis

Dreaming will always be dependent on the individual, their beliefs, and what they are going through …

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Heart Therapy

Explore the self through art. Get lost and allow the path to be shown to you. Breathe. Let …

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Life Lessons

Sometimes life catches us off guard and makes us sit up and take notice. A helping hand, listening …

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Healing Workshops

We offer healing workshops to and for all. Workshops include fun learning … 

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Our Mission

At Embrace the Human Race, we believe that everyone should live life fully and with purpose. We know the power that exists within you and we want to help you realize it. We want to help you grow. We want to help you evolve. We want you to live your best life and have nothing but love radiating out from your entire being. Allow us to guide you into your destiny and walk with you on the beginning steps of your journey.

Love is our greatest asset. Let’s use it in all its glory.

❤ Love and be loved.

Akashic Record Reading & Reiki 

Includes 3 past/parallel lifetimes + One 15 minute Reiki Session to clear out the stale energy left behind from the signatures of your “past” Priced @ $100

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Extended Hours

We are open late on Mondays and Tuesdays. We reopen at 10pm until for extended service hours.

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Oracle Card Readings

1 hour • $40+ (3, 5, 7, 9 card spread) Tarot is a divination tool used to assist and guide us in our every day lives. Tarot/ Oracle Card Readings can be[…]

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We offer virtual and in-person connections within Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. Our Personal Development Guide will help you take a wholehearted look at yourself. We use compassion and love as the basis of our practice and introduce you to the power that only love can bring. Happiness is an inside job. We are here to jog the memory of the heart and reconnect you to your true self.